Saturday, October 22, 2005

I think I had a little bit too much to drink last nite... feel a bit wasted now. I kind of want to be fit for tomorrows excursion to Hvalfjördur. The elves doesn't like an hung-over-breath... but on the other hand i have the airwaves ticket and I want to see some good concerts. Nasa is the place tonight I guess. Looking forward to Gus Gus. Last nights adventures with putting up stickers everywhere went really good. I was in the bathroom in Gaukurinn overhearing people discussing the phrase "please yoursELF". This made me giggle. But tonight the mission is the posters. I don't know how to stick them on though, the only useful thing I have is tape. Will try this I think. Thinking of just handing them out to people as well. Highlight from yesterday was when one of the mitchell brothers (teddy or tony... can't tell them apart, sorry if you read this teddy/tony) found a sticker in his pocket. Anyway their show was great.

So... I'm really looking forward to tomorrows trip... I want to be touched in those special places ;) and I'm going to say this once and for all: People should go out more in the nature!


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