Friday, October 21, 2005

I'm gonna go out this weekend and spread my blog-address all over reykjavik. I bought the ticket for iceland airwaves:
It's kind of expensive but you can see a LOT of bands. Tonight i'm gonna go to the juliette and the licks concert.. maybe, or just stay at nasa the whole evening... thought I saw my favourite elf lover last night there. Damn I really need to go out in the countryside soon! Too much city-low-life for me now. Maybe sunday is a good day for some steamy action.... maybe I'll go to Hvalfjördur. I'll keep you posted.


Blogger Camille the Traveller said...

Flott blog hja ter stulka! ...djofull vaeri eg til i ad stunda kynlif med alfum, hljomar hotttt! :) Er ad bagsla vid ad downloada myndum a mitt blogg...gengur ekki alveg nogu vel :( Keep up the good stuff, camille

9:36 PM  

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