Tuesday, October 25, 2005

OK, im gonna tell you now about Hvalfjörður. The weather was fine but rather cold so I decided to take a hike. Then after an hour or so I decide to sit down and eat my picknic. I had just started eating when I felt it...I couldn't beleive it, usually I have to concentrate for a while before anyone comes. I immediately stopped eating and....well I didn't do anything else. He just took control, suddenly I was lying on my back and the next thing I knew he was undressing me. I love this! So I just lay there and all I could do was just to enjoy what was happening to me. His power kept me pinned to the earth and it entered me and exited....And he whispered to me the whole time, what he said is undescribable but it was wonderful in the sexiest way. What more can I say than it was perfect, and it went on and on....


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hvalfjörður, it´s a magical place. Next time you go on an elfs hunt you might wonna stop by afterwards in Resturant Rauðhöfði where you can enjoy a fabulous dinner.

11:35 AM  

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