Saturday, October 29, 2005

The snow is here. Everyone has summer tires on their cars. It's dangerous to be outside because of this. I almost got killed this morning from a sliding maniac. Did I tell you about winter sex with the elves? It's great. But you have to beware of the temperature of course. Hypothermia is not the best way to end your life. And when I'm out to find a Glacier-Pickie (Jökulgikkir) I sometimes have to wait for a long long time until he comes and makes me warm :). When my body temperature falls i can get these hallucinations, and I've noticed that this state makes them really curious, and chances of hot sex increases. But it's a risky thing, wouldn't recommend this to beginners because of the freezing-to-death-hazard, lethal pleasure!


Blogger Gorilla Bananas said...

We apes never feel bare skin when having sex because we are too hairy. Why do humans always talk about 'hot sex'? Doesn't skin feel better when it is slightly cool, to give you a nice tingle? If I had to have sex with a woman (God forbid!) I'd prefer her to be a little cool but not dead.

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