Friday, November 11, 2005

Gaaaah! I have so much to do these days. I have a meeting today with the printing people that are going to print my book. Its coming out in December and it's going to be so cool, and you'll just have to buy it. i'm only going to sell it in Iceland to begin with but you will be able to order it on the blog and I'll send it to you.
But then I have a great evening planned, finally I'm going out there. My mom is out of town so im home alone and Im going to cook for myself some nice pasta.... And then my friend is picking me up and driving me to Þórsmörk. He really cute an he's in the boy-scout rescue team and he's going to some rescue rehersal in the east of Iceland.
The sky is clear and its below cero so I'm gonna go and whatch the northern lights and.... hopefully get some action. For some reason it's much liklier to meet elves when there are northen lights. Obviously makes them horny, like a full moon makes them want to party...well and humans too. Actually northern lights make me kind of horny too. Also if I'm not getting any tonight I'll start getting desperate, I might even have sex with a troll...Haha, no just joking, Im not so fond of body hair.


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