Saturday, November 12, 2005

Hi, the trip yesterday was great! I went to Þórsmörk, its supposed to be imposible to drive there now but my friend drove me (not an elf friend, they´re extremely dangerous drivers) and he has a Land Cruiser jeep with huge tires.
The drive was fun, but I didn't tell my friend what I was going to do, I don't think he would get it. Then when I got there I hiked a bit but I sat down a soon as I saw the northern lights and I was completely alone(exept for the elves of course). The lights were incredible, it was like the sky was dancing. Actually some people say that when the northern lights come the elves are dancing. But thats not really true.
I just sat there and then I felt like somebody was coming towards me little by little. I looked behind me and I saw like glympses of someone, like he wanted me to see him but he was to shy to let me. I spoke softly to him and it was like that encouraged him to come near. He slowly came to me, not speaking back and just bearly showing himself. This was the first time it was me to had to iniciate something. So I undressed myself and thought he might take off his clothes but I had to do that too, but I liked it of course. Maybe everybody enjoys having sex once in a while without having to do anything, but usually elves are the doers you know. But this was fine with me, since I was in a kind of agressive mood, after being sex-starved for so long. It was incredible, and I think he really enjoyed it too, I have to go there and find him again.


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