Friday, November 18, 2005

oops i haven't blogged since monday, my brain is dead, i'm warning you. anyway, i took this picture the other day when i was on my way to the blue lagoon with a friend visiting from germany. it's just by the highway, and still it looks so beautiful and peaceful. i don't like to go to the blue lagoon that much, but my tourist-friend really really wanted to, because she'd read about it in the lonely planet guide, and obvioulsy they said it was a must-see. so we went there. i think i enjoyed the car ride more, sitting there and spotting new potential sex-spots. found a few on the way. you know i can really see it right away. tried to make my friend stop all the time on our way, to go out and feel the vibe. she didn't want to, we just made like 5 quick stops. she was stressed to dip herself in the tourist-trap. i don't think she really gets it, what i'm doing. my passion. but it's okay. showed her my book and other stuff i've been writing, and she gets this puzzled face.... dunno. i guess i can't expect everyone to get it.

Thinking about contacting Lonely Planet. a guide to Iceland should definitely include elfsex.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

i am proud of you.

5:07 PM  

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