Tuesday, December 06, 2005

Im so excited! Theyre printing my book as we speak and it will be ready tomorrow or thursday. And im going on an interview tomorrow on the Icelands National Broadcasting Service, but it wont be aired until friday at 15:00. Im also giong to be on this radioshow Zúber on FM 957. Am kind of nervous since Ive never been on the radio before but of course i know almost everything about the elves so ill probably be fine. Finally im getting the attention i and the elves deserve, now lots of people will hear about this beautiful thing and everybody who will try it will be sexually fulfilled and happy. I think this is very important in the extreme darkness of this time of year. Maybe the world will be a better place when more people have wonderful sex with gorgeous elves.
If youre in Iceland, dont forget about the show and launch of the book in Hafnarhúsið next weekend, everybody welcome!


Blogger irishman said...

I can't wait to get your book! There is nothing better than sex with Elves! I don't understand why Icelanders haven't caught on to the best natural resource the country has. Yes, lava is hot but Elves are hotter! I wake up in the middle of the night with my dick so hard, I can hardly not touch it, pleasuring it, with thoughts of my last experience with a very special elve. Unfortunately, I get to Iceland only several times a year, so I can't have the experience that I so desperately need!!! The sex is just so GREAT!!!! And the best part is the tenderness and caressing afterwards. She is just so warm and caring and she says it's soooo good for her too. I feel complete and so does she. Rrrrrrr. It's the best!

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