Sunday, May 21, 2006

It's unbelivable how busy I have been this semester with my fashion show and school and everything but it's over now so I can dedicade all my time and efford this summer on elfhunts and you my friends.
I got a ride home with a schoolbuddy after the fashion show and beeing so deserat for elf-sex after all this hard work at school I lied to him that I lived in Mosfelsdalur, that is just outside Reykjavík. As we were approcing I saw this white, thik and gorgeous "Dalalæða" like a blanket over the valley. It was so misterious & exciting I even got little butterflies in my belly. I told my colligue that he could just drop me off, I could walk the rest.
I walked into the fog and slowlie peeling my clothes off. I didn't have to... I knew that because I was going after "Grjótormur" (RockWorm) but I wanted to surprice him a little. I immidiatly got this feeling, I wasn't alone in the fog and felt them approcing one by one getting me all excited by whispering in my ears and giving me sansational feeling in blaces my body didn' even know excisted. They sensed I wasn' out there for a gang bang so they backed away all but one.... and with him I rolled around in the fog on the moist and soft moss. It was long and hot and sweaty and just the way I needed after all the hard work at shool.
I woke up sometime next morning, the fog was gone, the sun was shining. I was still naked but my clothes lay neetly on a rock near by, all but one sock.... A big smile on my face.... A RockWorm had taken a suvenier. :)