Friday, July 14, 2006

Ok, Im gonna starf with a few simple ELF-facts.
Elf sex is possibly the safest sex on earth. They dont carry sexually transmitted diseases and you cant get pregnant or make an Elverine pregnant unless you both want to, which is not unheard of.
And YES there are female elves, elverines. And theyre HOT HOT HOT, even to girls. That reminds me: All elves are bisexual, but guys and girls not ready for some same sex action dont worry, no elf will do anything you dont want to. They can sense your longings and not-longings.
And you, Anonymous painter from New York. Im so happy for you, there are probably not many humans in the world so lucky to experience a relationship with both a fairy and a mermaid. Im very curious, are they at all similar to my descriptions of elves? please send me your pics of your paintings to and I can post them on the blog.