Tuesday, November 21, 2006

I of course had to check out the supernatural-being scene here. I went to the forest to seek well....not sex maybe (I was not sooo optimistic) but at least sexual possibilities. Well there is definetly something lurking around in the Finish forests but it is not so fancy or sophisticated. Of course I can not be sure that there is nothing more out there...but I found some interesting guy probably a million years old (so probably experienced in bed but not so attractive) and he might have been tall one day but he was so hunched that he was even smaller than me (Im 163cm). He was actually very nice, a bit shy like most Finish and always taking a sip of something from his pocket, a bit the Finish style also. He must have been an old soul telling me all sorts of interesting stories that I could not see that had any logical connection to each other. So on one hand jibber jabber but on the other hand interesting. So maybe Tolkien met this guy and used some of his stuff....I should have asked but did not think of that then. And after a while he just wandered off....
Im wondering now if I have developed some kind of skill to attract these beings, that they come to me. Good, good!
Now I am gonna stop this jibber jabber since there are no sex stories or information yet but I promise that I will do some more reaserch. Im getting desperate here!


Anonymous Anonymous said...

You went to Finland without mentioning the fairy paintings. I guess you didn't like them. There are elves in Finland but they are not so cheeky. At least that is what they tell me. But I don't know as much about elves as faeries. The faeries are everywhere because they travel secret roads. They still try to trap me but I am prisioner to the mermaid. She is jealous and somehow I find that so much more flattering.
Your fan,

7:01 AM  
Anonymous B.Angel said...

dude ur a fuckin fagget ok and the dumb ass bitches who read and believe this shit u guys are fuckin retarted ok oh elves fucking mermaids well i hope the fuckin mermaids that u think exist are the ones in the Gay ass harry potter movies u probally got off to those mermaids anyways to leave this short enough ur a fuckin fagget

12:31 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

You can't spell "Finnish" because you're a retard.

12:39 PM  

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