Sunday, November 19, 2006

Hi, hi or should I say Moi.
Im in Finland now, Helsinki to be precise. Helsinki is pretty cool but as you can imagine the sexlife here is not so good. Hence not so much news. Well they have huge forests here so I thought there must be some being lurking around in the darkness. After all they say that Tolkien took inspiration from Finish elves for his books, but of course he used the Icelandic elves. Finland can have Santa Claus (he allegedly lives in Rovaniemi in the north of Finland) but we definetly have the elves.


Anonymous Albert said...

I was in Helsinki some years ago too. I agree with you, less for Helsinkian people I don't know - sex there is not so good. I usually never meet girls/women when I need so much. I suppose nordic female are very kindy.
May be I will return in Finland. I come from spanish people, but I live in Paris, where I never got fun with parisianners women.
Better abroad for me.
Have a nice day

1:57 PM  
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