Tuesday, February 06, 2007

An American guy sent me this the other day on myspace, check it out. Proves Im not crazy...or well at least not the only crazy person out there. Ill stop now, just read:

...hmmm,I'm not sure what this 'Glacierpickies' thing is all about but I don't like the sound of it.It definitely does not sound elfish or even remotely Huldufólk to me.I'm sure 'Please yoursElf' must be a fascinating book but are you sure with a title like that you just didn't tell me to please MY-self?
Believe it or not I may have an Icelandic elf connection.I at least have a story...during the early seventies my Mom was a nurse in the U.S. Airforce stationed at Keflavik.Being a sexually liberated young beautiful woman she said she found relations with her boyfriend ,my father, stupid and boring.(When she told me all this she was quite drunk).I remember how taken a back and sickend I was about hearing my Mom talk about sex...I wanted to vomit,trust me!
Anyways,while on leave from the base my Mom and her friend decided to take a road up to Akureyri.Don't ask me how but she also said she had some marijuana,remember this was 1973 or 74' and she was an American...
Well, here it is..along the way they stoped to camp by some river or glacier ,I don't remember which, and that night met some...elfs.I know what your saying Ohhh,Bullshit ,American Johnny! I'm sorry it gets much worse! Not only were they elves but they were guy elves and they smoke and drank and...you guessed it!

... had sex in some flimsy U.S. Airforce tent with my Mom and her friend,this is so fucking gross!


I think they were just high and drunk and met two horny Icelandic sheepherders...

There's more ...I look and act nothing like my Dad and only bear a slight resemblance to my Mom.She would always tell me over Christmas I was 'cute as an elf' and I always hated Santa Clause for paying his employess with left over milk and cookeis.

So if this is all true and if I am half-elven I should have some sort of idea what a 'Glacierpickies' is -I don't.

Like I said...hmmm.